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Founded in 2013 by Keith McClean sensei, DTA is Ireland's youngest Tomiki Aikido Martial Art and Sport Aikido club and is the home dojo to the Irish Junior National and Senior National competitive teams.

Dublin Tomiki Aikido (DTA) is affiliated to the British Aikido Association (BAA) recognised by the Japanese Aikido Association (JAA) and is a registered member of the Irish Martial Arts Commission (IMAC).
There are lots of other martial art clubs around so what makes DTA special❓

DTA is the only actively competing Tomiki Aikido Club in the Republic Of Ireland and is currently the home of the National Senior and Junior Sport Aikido squads. All our instructors and coaches have experience competing at UK National, European and World Championship level. DTA also has the only female Tomiki Aikido instructor in Ireland and former UK National Randori Champion.

As you will be investing time and effort on your journey with us towards your first-degree black belt (Shodan) it is important that you are rewarded with an internationally recognised Dan grade qualification. DTA is affiliated to the British Aikido Association (BAA) and recognised by the Japanese Aikido Association (JAA). Dan grade examinations are taken only at BAA/JAA approved grading events and if successful you will receive a Dan Grade Certificate (menjo) certified by the BAA and have your grade registered with the JAA. You will be eligible to apply for a Dan grade certificate (menjo) certified and issued by the JAA from Japan also.

Our chief instructors and assistant coaches are active competitors at UK National, European and World Championship level. In addition to running our dojo, our chief instructors also train with and are regular members of the BAA UK National team, bringing back the latest training methods, technical guidance, advice, and experience from some of the UK and Japan's best instructors for the benefit of our members.

Our dojo is a welcoming place with a mutually supportive atmosphere in which our members can develop themselves and achieve their training goals. Everyone looks forward to attending classes because we are serious about what we do but still have fun when we train.

We have a mix of grades and abilities on the mat, from ungraded red belts (new beginners), through yellow, orange, green, to more experienced blue, brown and a number of Dan grades, female and male. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player you will have the support you need to meet to progress quickly and develop your skills.

We run separate classes for specific age groups; Adult (16+), Youth (10-16) as well as Juniors (5-10). This ensures that younger students are working with other students who should be at a reasonably similar level of physical, mental and social maturity.

Due to the limited dojo space, class sizes are relatively small (average 8 - 10 students) in a typical class, and with a number of Dan grades training in each class, there are great opportunities for some personal instruction.

Your first class with us is free and thereafter you pay subs month by month in advance. There are no long-term contracts imposed. Classes for Adults are two hours in length. Discounts are available for unemployed and full-time academic students. The club is run on a not-for-profit basis and all income goes towards running costs of the club.

There are regular classes twice a week for Adults, Youths and Juniors, with some additional classes for 1st Kyu, Dan grades and coaches on weekends.

For those who want to compete, you will have access to squad training sessions in addition to supplementary technical training in the run-up to all competitions.

We are a community focussed dojo and our members, parents, guardians, and supporters become part of our extended Aiki family. This extends outside regular classes into travelling together to seminars, competitions, external examinations, and social outings. These give our members and supporters the opportunity to have fun in a more social setting and get to know each and the wider Tomiki Aikido community better.

Every few months we either travel to BAA or SAF Seminars and we frequently invite guest instructors from other schools/dojos/associations (National & International) to provide new insights and a broader experience to our members; and a way in which they can compare their progress and level of instruction to those of other clubs and dojo.


Keith McClean

Keith McClean (Aikido - Yondan)
Founder and Chief Instructor of Dublin Tomiki Aikido, Keith sensei has been an active student of Aikido over 23+ years. A leading figure in the development of Tomiki Aikido in Ireland, Keith sensei is the driving force behind our very successful national youth development programme. 4th Dan awarded in 2016. Examined by B.Jones 7th Dan (BAA), P.Wildish 6th Dan (BAA), V.Fairchild 5th Dan(SAF/BAA). Chief Instructor and Founder, Dublin Tomiki Aikido. Chief Instructor, Tallaght Tomiki Aikido Ryu. Founding member, Sport Aikido Ireland (SAI) Founding member, All Ireland Tomiki Aikido Federation Head coach, Junior & Senior Irish National Team Control & Restraint Instructor for Prison Officers Instructor, Aikido based self-defence classes for women BAA NGB Coaching Level 1 (Martial Arts, Aikido) IMAC NGB Coaching Level 1 (Martial Arts, Aikido) Youth Development Coaching - Coaching Ireland Children First - Child Protection Certificate First Aid - AED/CPR Certificate Math Teacher & Guidance Counsellor (Secondary Level) Garda Vetted (#IMAC E166-18, 22/04/2018) - view document image Irish National Team Coach and Player, 4th ETAN Championships, Antwerp, 2014 BAA Team: World Championships 2015 , Gold Coast, Australia BAA Team: WSAF World Championships 2017, London Head Coach: Irish National Team, WSAF World Championships 2017, London BAA Team: 6th ETAN Open Championships, Netherlands, 2018

Pamela Dempsey

Pamela Dempsey (Aikido - Nidan)
UK National Randori Champion (2016), Pam sensei is the highest ranking female Tomiki Aikido player in Ireland and one of our leading coaches. 2nd Dan awarded in 2017. Examined by B.Jones 7th Dan (BAA), G.Baxter 5th Dan (BAA) and D.Ramsden 4th Dan (BAA) Observed by P.Holding 4th Dan (BAA) at BAA Summer School, Leeds, UK. Club Instructor and Coach. First female player to represent Ireland in International Sports Aikido competition. IMAC NGB Coaching Level 1 (Aikido, Martial Arts) Youth Development coaching - Coaching Ireland First Aid - AED/ CPR Certificate Children First - Child Protection Certificate Garda Vetted Irish National Team, 4th ETAN Open Championships, Antwerp, 2014 BAA Team: 2015 World Championships, Australia. BAA Team: 2017 WSAF World Championships, London Irish National Youth Team Coach: 2017 WSAF World Championships, London BAA Team: 6th ETAN Open Championships 2018, Netherlands

Von Ryan

Von Ryan (Aikido - Nidan)
VonRyan, a parent of two younger members who caught the Aiki bug is our Children’s Officer and ensures that our younger members concerns, welfare, and enjoyment is utmost in our consideration at all times.


Our trainings schedule

Day Time Training Name
Monday - -
Tuesday 17:00 - 18:00 Juniors (5-10yrs)
  18:00 - 19:00 Youth (10 - 16yrs)
  19:30 - 21:30 Seniors (16+)
Wednesday - -
Thursday - -
Friday 18:00 - 19:00 Youth (10-16yrs)
  19:30 - 21:30 Seniors (16+)
Saturday 10:00 - 11:00 Juniors (5-10 yrs)
  11:00 - 12:00 Special Session (Invite Only)
Sunday - -
Today is Thursday 27. 01. 2022, local time is now 05:09.

Mats need to be put out ahead of the first class so it is greatly appreciated when students and guardians turn up early to assist.


The path of Aikido is not easy. It's not for everybody. It takes time and patience to absorb the art and achieve any level of proficiency. In fact it is a never ending challenge. What you need is a safe place to learn, a skilled and credible sensei and a community of like minded individuals to have fun and experiences with. I found that and more at Dublin Tomiki Aikido.

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A really great place to learn the art of Tomiki Aikido, run by progressive instructors who are recognised as leading pioneers in the Art in Ireland. A safe place for children to learn, all instructors are insured, vetted and trained in child safety.

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