Terms of Use of LocalDojo.com


The LocalDojo.com Website operator is a company: GLYPHICONS.com s.r.o., identification number: 29451795, Tax number: CZ29451795, with its headquarters in the Czech Republic. Our aim is to provide you with a pleasant and effective environment of the LocalDojo.com Website, including all web services and functionalities.

All LocalDojo.com functionalities are fully free of cost for both registered and unregistered users. That is why you can make the most of using LocalDojo.com right now and without any fears, everything is really completely free and there are no hidden fees or other guiles connected with your registration or use.

We tried to write these Terms of Use clearly and not to hide anything. We aren’t going to write anything important in tiny letters or to place it to a quote under line.

If you aren’t sure how to continue or you want to ask anything regarding LocalDojo.com, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@localdojo.com. Before contacting us, we would much appreciate if you firstly read our FAQ and will try to find answers there.

The actual version of these Terms of Use is always available on: localdojo.com/terms-of-use/

General Part

Why should you read these Terms of Use and what will you find there?

After reading FAQ together with these Terms of Use, you should have enough information for your decision if you wish to use LocalDojo.com and in what extent.

You will find there, what we offer on LocalDojo.com, what functionalities you can use and clarification of mutual rights and obligations for using our Website and finally, the mechanism of change of the Terms of Use including the way of resolving any disputes.

How will we communicate and what language will we use?

We will use mainly electronic communication, i.e. email. When practical, the operator of LocalDojo.com can decide about a different suitable form of communication.

For our mutual communication, we will use exclusively English or Czech language, if not mutually agreed differently.

What address will we use?

When writing us (information, questions or comments), please use the email address support@localdojo.com. By that, you will help us to streamline and accelerate our support to our users.

For contacting you (sending information or notification), we will use your email address you have written on the LocalDojo.com Website or filled in your user profile during registration. Furthermore, we can contact you at your email address for your Dojo, which is publicly available. If necessary, we can use a different contact data which we know (such as postal address).

Services Provided

What functionalities can you use without registration?

Basic functionalities/features such as search feature are available without registration. If you decide not to register for any reason, you can use LocalDojo.com mainly for finding of Dojos or practitioners form our database, which we try to expand gradually. You can get Dojo contact information for free, you can contact your chosen Dojo via our contact form on the page with detailed information on the Dojo, you can find out actual trainings schedule, Website of the Dojo or other information which will be stated on the detailed page of the Dojo.

So why should I even register?

Your registration enables you to write ratings (reviews) or comments for a Dojo, you have trained in. You will be allowed to use a scale of advanced functionalities connected with search and saving your favorite Dojos. Furthermore, you will automatically get an opportunity to create your own personal profile thanks to which other users will see what Martial Art(s) you practice, how advanced you are etc. Of course, each registered user can edit and update the data about own Dojo or to add a new Dojo which hasn’t been in our database yet (and will become its Dojo manager).

What does the function of Dojo manager mean and how to become one?

A Dojo Manager is a person authorized to administrate the Website of a relevant Dojo, including updating all the data. You can become a Dojo Manager in one of the following ways:

  1. Automatically, when you add a new Dojo to our database after your registration – by creating a new page with a Dojo and listing it with LocalDojo.com, you become a Dojo manager of this Dojo.
  2. Your email is in our database for an existing Dojo – it is possible that a page with your Dojo has been already created from publicly available sources; you can become a Dojo Manager by sending a link to an e-mail address stated on your Dojo Website on LocalDojo.com (if you do not have access to this email in exceptional cases, it will be necessary to verify it individually by a different way). You will learn more in our FAQ, how to edit an existing Dojo page, you have not added yourself.
  3. Transfer of rights to edit a Dojo - if necessary, you can delegate your function of a Dojo Manager to another registered user of LocalDojo.com. A new Dojo Manager needs to agree with such a delegation and to verify that by link sent to his/her email address. You will learn more about this possibility in our FAQ. A Dojo can have only one Dojo Manager at a time and that’s why a Dojo Website can be edited always only by one user.

What can you find on a Dojo Website?

On a Dojo Website, mainly the following data might be available: a Dojo address, a contact person, a contact form for a direct contacting of the Dojo, a Dojo Website link, a location on the map, a short Dojo introduction, an assignment of Martial Arts to the Dojo, instructors’ profiles, detailed week schedules and ratings (reviews ) from other users. The list of functionalities/features and information is here only to give an example and can evolve over time. The range of information of individual Dojo Websites is dependant mainly on the Dojo Manager’s activity, who is responsible for creating the Dojo Website and adding pieces of information. All information viewed on the LocalDojo.com is either from publicly available sources or provided directly by users.

Rights and Obligations

We are well aware that this is an unpopular part of Terms of Use, however, it is essential to define our mutual rights and obligations. That is how we can prevent possible conflict situations, which might result from mutual confusion and incomprehension.

What we can’t guarantee

We provide only web interface for database of Dojos and personal profiles of users through the LocalDojo.com Website. Thus, we can’t take responsibility for accuracy and truthfulness of individual pieces of information about a Dojo or a user and we don’t participate in any business, contractual or other relations among individual users of the LocalDojo.com Website. It isn’t possible to apply any demands related to incorrect data about a Dojo on the LocalDojo.com Website, we aren’t reliable and responsible for quality, accuracy or updating of viewed information. Furthermore, we can’t bear responsibility for any damage caused by failure, error, outage or failure of an online system or the internet network.

What does it mean to publish information on the Website?

The content of all information becomes public at the moment of its inserting into the LocalDojo.com Website, with all consequences arising from that. By publishing your information you give consent to the use of trademarks, designs, or other registered features, which are liable to be the subject of intellectual property rights, if it is a part of your embedded content and information. You can update or delete any published information whenever you wish, if you have an appropriate authorization for that (being a Dojo Manager).

What information is suitable for Local.Dojo.com?

Information put on the Local.Dojo.com Website should be in the agreement with the purpose of this Website. The aim of our project is to create a worldwide database/network of Dojos, gyms and all similar sites, where Martial Arts are practiced. Not only Martial Arts, though meditation centers, yoga classes and other similar institutions and initiatives are welcome to present themselves on the LocalDojo.com Website. Information put on LocalDojo.com should be closely connected with this topic. We reserve the right to correct or delete completely information which is not applicable.

What information you aren’t allowed to put on LocalDojo.com?

It’s appropriate to give some examples of information which insertion is prohibited. You aren’t allowed namely to promote Websites or servers with pornographic content or other content, which contradict good manners, laws of the Czech Republic or Websites with a content that could harm our good name or reputation. Furthermore, you aren’t allowed to insert any Website link with a content stated above. And last but not least, it isn’t allowed to insert any advertisement texts or links to other Websites with unrelated content.

What information are we allowed to delete or correct?

In spite of that we have quite clear rules, it can happen that you put some forbidden or inappropriate information on LocalDojo.com (either accidentally or even intentionally). In that case, it will be necessary to remove this information to prevent our reputational risk, damages of other users or third persons, or to minimalize its harmful effects including compensation for damages. Especially for these reasons, we are allowed to remove any information inserted and published by any user or third persons, when we find its content as offensive or contradicting any laws or other rules, all without previous notification. In that case you lose its content including the access and we do not bear any responsibility for a possible compensation for damages resulting from this behavior. Furthermore, we can correct some spelling and grammatical mistakes or inaccuracies in your inserted or published information, including removing highlighting of graphic elements, repeating letters, words, expressions or punctuation; or we can remove any inappropriate highlighting.

What way are you responsible for the inserted information?

Please, consider thoroughly what information you will publish on LocalDojo.com. Put on only such information you believe to be correct and you know that it can’t harm anybody in any way. Therefore, you bear sole responsibility for all the content inserted and published by you, namely for its accuracy and permissibility, we aren’t obliged to review this content by any means. You are responsible for whatever demands of other users or third persons, which would arise to us in connection with the data inserted and/or published by you. You must pay all damages (including any costs related to the court or other proceedings), that may incur in the event of exercise of such rights.

Can you act on our behalf in any way?

It wouldn’t be really appropriate, any behavior on behalf of our name is strictly forbidden. You aren’t allowed to bind us any way or act on our behalf by any other way. Namely, you aren’t allowed to lodge any complaint or provide any guarantees in connection with our name and you aren’t allowed to do anything, what would be eligible adversely affect our position or reputation according to a reasonable assumption.

Can you use our distinguishing features in any way?

Yes, you are welcome to use our distinguishing features (especially our logo), but only in its unchanged form, when any prospective change of their form or content is subject to our previous written agreement. You aren’t allowed to send any unsolicited adverts (spam), which would content our distinguishing features. You always have to pay attention to avoid confusion with some other brand and not to damage our good name of the LocalDojo.com Website by a wrong application of our logo.

Can we use the data and information inserted by you?

By inserting your information and data into the LocalDojo.com Website, you provide us with a right to use these data and information in our marketing materials and on web pages, always only in the connection with the LocalDojo.com Website.

Who is the owner of the LocalDojo.com database?

All the databases (especially the databases of individual Dojos) on the LocalDojo.com Website are in our ownership and it’s forbidden to copy or reproduce data from these databases, parts of these databases or as a whole. Furthermore, any behavior resulting into violation of copyright or ownership rights related to the databases or their parts is forbidden as well.

Are we allowed to change the LocalDojo.com Website?

Some situations might occur, when it will be necessary to change or adjust the LocalDojo.com Website. We are allowed to change its form, functionalities/features or content of the LocalDojo.com Website and all that without our previous notification. We will inform you about all more important changes via email or social networks.

Is it possible to block access to the LocalDojo.com Website?

We won’t be happy to access to such a measure and we don’t expect its more frequent use. On the other hand, we reserve the right to stop or block your access to LocalDojo.com when violating any rule of these Terms of Use. You aren’t eligible to apply any demands including compensation for damages.

Change of the Terms of Use, Conflict Solving

What way can these Terms of Use change?

Some situations might occur, e.g. change of laws or other rules or change of technologies and organizational processes, when from our perspective, it will be appropriate to change the Terms of Use. That is why we reserve the right to change these Terms of Use without previous notification; we will inform you about their changes via email. The changed Terms of Use are valid and enforceable at the moment of being published on: localdojo.com/terms-of-use/.

What way will any disputes be resolved?

We don’t expect any disputes because of the character of the LocalDojo.com Website which is free of charge for all users. If a dispute occurs anyway, you will be obliged as same as us, to exert maximal efforts and cooperation to ensure that the dispute could be resolved by negotiation and agreement. In case when mutual agreement is impossible, the agreement with e dispute/s will be solved in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic and as a local jurisdiction is arranged the District Court in Olomouc. For the relations not covered explicitly by these Terms of Use, relevant provisions of Law no. 89/2001 Coll., Civil Code, as amended; will apply.

Should you have any question or concern, please write to support@localdojo.com!