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Sportschule Asia was founded in 1992 and is one of the leading martial arts studios in the region of Düsseldorf, Mettmann, Ratingen. For years we have been training excellent martial artists according to our teaching concept, who pass on the knowledge and skills they have learned. They know how to defend themselves effectively and many have achieved top rankings in national and international competitions.

The trainers have completed a trainer education or sports studies after a successful active career and are happy to share the knowledge with their martial arts students. We create a pleasant and positive training environment.

We focus our attention on the training of the children, whom we train under morally high standards, because from great power follows great responsibility! We inspire the children for the sporty movement and know exactly that children are our all future!

Women and children self-defense we consider very important; every martial art we teach is for self-defense, makes strong and self-confident.

Let us inspire you for a martial art and experience how our sports will improve you positively and sustainably; both physically and mentally!


Master Thaddäus Sienczak (Taekwondo - 5 Dan)
Thaddäus Sienczak, the owner of the Asia Sports School, was born in Poland in 1964. He studied graphic design until 1991. Later he studied sports science and history for the teaching profession. His sporting career began in 1978 with Taekwondo, which he learned from Master Stefan Kunze (5 Dan), Master Jung Chan Hack (9 Dan) and Master Jung Gum Suk (9 Dan). In 1984 Master Thaddeus received the 1st Dan in Taekwondo. At the same time he was also a trainer of the Police Sports Club Wuppertal. After winning the NRW championships in 1987, he was part of the NRW squad and in 1988 he was also part of the national team of the German Taekwondo. In 1989 Master Thaddäus won the title of European Taekwondo Champion in Spain. To expand his martial arts horizons, Master Thaddäus Sienczak began to learn amateur boxing and Muay-Thai in 1988, he was taught by Muay-Thai masters such as Master Y. Wogabandue, Master Krin and Master Woody and received his trainer license in 1992. Master Thaddeus Sienczak participated in 1990 in the 6th Intern. Asian Kickboxing Championships in Yosu Korea and took the 3rd place after two victories. In 1991 Master Thaddeus ended his active career as a fighter and concentrated on coaching. Master Sienczak holds the 5th DAN in Taekwondo and is the head coach of the Asia Ratingen sports schools. Translated with (free version)


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