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Yokohama International Aikido Devon, Torquay, TQ28ET
United Kingdom
(Lummaton Cross)


Mr Istvan Koloh


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Yokohama International Aikido Devon is a member of Lancashire Aikikai in the UK and part of the Yokohama International Aikido Association, Yokohama, Japan. Technical director is Atsushi Mimuro Shihan head of the Yokohama International Aikido Association. Long time student of the late Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan.

Dojo Cho is Istvan Koloh fukushidoin of Yokohama International Aikido. Istvan is a Hungarian-British aikidoka dedicated to Atsushi Mimuro Shihan. He aims to promote and share the aikido he learned from Mimuro Sensei.


Mr Atsushi Mimuro

Mr Atsushi Mimuro (Aikido, Kenjutsu - 7 dan)

Mr Istvan Koloh

Mr Istvan Koloh (Aikido, Kenjutsu - 2 dan)


Our trainings schedule

Day Time Training Name
Monday - -
Tuesday - -
Wednesday 19:30 - 22:00 Fundamentals
Thursday - -
Friday - -
Saturday - -
Sunday 18:30 - 20:00 Fundamentals
Today is Monday 22. 07. 2024, local time is now 09:10.

Please follow the Aikikai hombu dojo's international rules and the rules of Yokohama International Aikido Association to practice at this dojo.


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