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Kyoshi Kevin Barlow


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Karate (Shito-ryu Shukokai)


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You can give your children everything money can buy, but unless you give them the capability to ‘succeed on their own,’ you have failed to give the most important gift of all.
For more than three hundred years, martial arts training has been recognized as one of the best ways to build self-confidence and courage. Throughout history, civilizations have realized the need for strong healthy bodies and strong confident minds. Martial arts have often played a crucial role in developing these character traits. Often, royalty and nobility used martial arts training to instil leadership qualities to the heirs of thrones and kingdoms.

Since 1984, North West Shukokai has been teaching martial arts in the Cheshire area. We have taught many people the art of Shukokai Karate/ self-defence and helped them develop a feeling of personal strength and self-esteem.

We are especially proud of our work with children. 2010 we put into effect what has come to be known as our “Child Development Program.” This program is dedicated to helping children develop a confident, winning attitude in all areas of their life. This includes academic achievement. Young students at North West Shukokai JKD are taught to take pride in their efforts both within and outside of the dojo.

Each of us knows that we have more fun doing things we do well. Success is a pleasant feeling. Failure is an unpleasant feeling. Success breeds success. Failure breeds failure. Students at North West Shukokai are taught to succeed.

Karate and related martial arts training have proven to be an excellent method of improving physical fitness, developing sequences to improve balance, agility, strength, perception of body in space and flexibility. It is helpful in improving skills related to learning, for example, tension can be lowered, self-control and attention span increased, and the child will function better in social situations.

Our young students are motivated to excel in their school work. Special recognition is given to superior performance. Counselling is given to those who require it. Youngsters soon learn that advancement and reward are results of hard work and determination.

Adults welcome.


kyoshi Kevin Barlow

kyoshi Kevin Barlow (Karate - 8th Dan UK - 7th Dan Japan)
Kyoshi Kevin Barlow 8th Dan, JKD 7th Dan Born 1962 I began training in 1973 aged 11 yrs, 1973-1987 I was a member of the SKU Shukokai Karate Union , at the time our chief instructor was a Japanese master Shigeru Kimura 7th dan. I was one the youngest people in the UK to be awarded black belt 1st Dan by Kimura Sensei. I’m a practitioner of Shukokai Karate which literally means the way for all, empty hand which is a method of fighting without the use of weapons. During my time with the organisation I competed in many interclub, National/International tournaments achieving status at Light/Middleweight in 3 disciplines. Individual & Team Kumite-free fighting and Kata – set patterns. I’m a former member of the SKU England Karate Team/ Squad, plus I have represented UKASKO at the EKF BKF plus the European Championships. Achievements gained Black belt 1, 2,3 Dan. Qualified instructor, association Judge/referee, Black Belt grading officer. For the past 29 years I have been a member UKASKO – The United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation. During this time I have achieved 4, 5,6,7 Dan, recently I have been awarded the rank of Shihan 8th Dan. For over 20 years I have competed at the highest level. I retired from competitive Karate in 1996 with a unbeaten record. My key roles with the organisation are, National Kata/ Kumite Coach. Technical – Kyu-Dan grading examiner. Coaching Assessment Officer, Senior Judge-Referee, First Aid Officer, tournament director chief national coach . August 2017 Kevin – NWS affiliated to Japan Karate Do Nobukawa-ha Shito-ryu-kai, gaining recognition from Soke & President Kuniaki Nobukawa JKNSK Hanshi 9th Dan, Over the years I have conducted many Karate and Self defensive seminars both to the public and professional agencies. Most recently I have been training/teaching with the Greater Manchester Police Karate Team. August 2017 Kevin became Chief of England branch – Japan Karate Do Same year received name title Renshi, 2018 I was promoted to Kyoshi title by Soke Nobukawa .


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Sunday 10:30 - 11:30 Beginners - family class
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