Kickboksen Narong Gym Kootwijkerbroek


De Standerd 5a, Kootwijkerbroek, 3774SC
(Within Topfit Kootwijkerbroek)


Kru Leroy van Wermeskerken



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Kickbox (Narong Gym)

Muay Thai (Narong Gym)


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Our Dojo

Narong Gym is headed by teacher Leroy van Wermeskerken a kickboxing and Muay Thai teacher from Apeldoorn the Netherlands.

Narong Gym Kootwijkerbroek inside Fitness Centre Topfit Kootwijkerbroek and is teaching the modern Kickboxing as the ancient art of Muay Thai.

Narong Gym is under diffefent martial arts society's and federations.


Kru Leroy van Wermeskerken (Muay Thai, Kickbox - Full Instructor Narong Muay Thai)
Leroy van Wermeskerken is a full sports teacher and muay thai & kickboxing instructor. Besides that he works as a personal trainer at Rocky Fit Gym.


Our trainings schedule

Day Time Training Name
Monday - -
Tuesday 19:00 - 20:00 Youth Kickboksen
  20:00 - 21:30 Muay Thai adults
Wednesday - -
Thursday - -
Friday - -
Saturday - -
Sunday - -
Today is Tuesday 23. 04. 2024, local time is now 03:37.

Leroy van Wermeskerken teaches with respect and passion for the sports and martial arts.


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