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Sifu Jason Yost


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Kung Fu (Wing Chun, Chi Kung, Praying Mantis and Weapons Course Studies)

Wing Chun (also Praying Mantis & Weapons use and defense)

Self Defense (with and without weapons)

Street Fight (learn effective, efficient, real self-defense)

Qigong (Chi Kung)




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Some of the things that make our school different than others in the area include (1) we focus on self-defense, not sports training, so one gets a better grasp of what they are learning and they develop a practical ability where it matters most; (2) there are no cookie-cutter program guides, instead we focus on each student's needs in each class we teach; (3) it's not about the instructor's achievements, rather it's about the student's goals and accomplishments; (4) there are no contract periods or membership dues; (5) there is no uniform requirement - one must learn to defend themselves in the clothes they wear everyday; and so much more! Our mission is to see each student empowered by their experiences at the Yost Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy.

"Jason Yost was my Sifu more than 20 years ago, and I still remember my times of training. My training program was special tailored to me. Not just to my physical needs and goals but also my mental and emotional levels of maturity.

"Sure, Jason can be a great coach or trainer, but where Jason excels is as a Sifu; a master and teacher. Someone who cares for more than the end goal of losing weight or learning how to punch, but can give you the self-discipline and knowledge necessary to help youkeep the weight off and achieve various other goal as well.

"Over the years I've frequently used the lessons he taught me regarding self-discipline, achieving goals, and exceeding expectations. These lessons have helped me to be successful in my personal life and in business. I highly recommend Jason Yost, what you gain with him you will never lose." ~ Sean Adams

"Wing Chun is a southern Chinese martial art, and has been adopted as self defense by many military and police forces around the world. It's effective, and teaches self respect and discipline. Sifu Yost is a great teacher with a wonderful grasp on every aspect of what true martial arts is. Respect, honor, adaptation, and form. He teaches this in its simplest form, for even young kids. Great school and hope to see more people come and enjoy it all!" ~ Steve Dickerson


Sifu Jason Yost

Sifu Jason Yost (Wing Chun, Street Fight, Self Defense)
Sifu Yost started in Taoist martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, Kempo, Jiu Jitsu, and some Okinawa Karate before meeting Master Roberts and Grandmaster Swift, and learning his Wing Chun. Since that time, Sifu Yost hs earned his tactical fighting degree in Wing Chun. Sifu Yost's 39 years of martial arts training and teaching will greatly benefit you by having the opportunity to learn the entire Wing Chun system in a practical and very real way. Want to learn more? Contact Sifu Yost at (812) 229-4097.


Why won't this star rating system go above five stars!?!

You would be hard pressed to find another sifu who has put in the years of care for students from all over the USA that Jason has under his belt.

I couldn't recommend anyone as high as Jason Yost, and I can guarantee that your experience will be exceptional and tailored to you because he's a man who cares for his students.

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