Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy


2939 Alta View Drive #Q, San Diego, CA 92139
United States
(Next door to Ralph's)


Grandmaster Maurice Orange

(619) 267-4420

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Actual local time in Dojo is 22:57

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San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, Inc. has carefully structured Martial Arts Training Programs geared to bring out the best in you and/or your child. We emphasize academic, family responsibility and personal protection for children.

Home to many second and even third generation students, Sidekicks community is a place to build character, learn self discipline, and practice self control. Each class with GMO creates opportunity for family bonding and personal self development.


GMO Maurice Orange

GMO Maurice Orange (Taekwondo, Tae Kwon Do, Karate - 8th degree black belt)


Sidekicks is amazing! Grandmaster Orange has been teaching the students at this location for so long, he now has over 30 second generation students! That means their parents were Sidekicks students as kids and teens! Now the second generation parents AND grandparents come to watch their kids and grandkids train at Sidekicks with Grandmaster Orange. That alone certainly speaks volumes about the school.

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